Achill Fitsticks Trails

Fit sticks exercise station at Dugort Pier, Achill Island
Fit Sticks Exercise Station, Dugort Pier

Fitstick trails are walking and exercise trails with a focus on people with impaired fitness levels. They are based around a walk using walking poles, but with a number of exercise stations en-route. The exercises are designed to be completed using the walking poles – or ‘fitsticks’ – and are ideal for older people and those with reduced mobility, strength or balance issues.

Achill Island has a number of marked fitsticks trails including three with a start/end point in Dooagh, and one based in Dugort (Doogort). The trails can be done on a self-guided basis or as part of a scheduled group activity under the guidance of a leader.

The guided group sessions use ACTIVATOR ™ Poles, which were designed by therapists and are particularly suitable for people with balance concerns or mobility issues.

For more information on fitness walking with Activator poles, see

Fitsticks exercise station at Slievemore, Achill Island

Slievemore Deserted Village Trail
There are three walks starting and ending in Dooagh, two are ‘easy’ grade looped walks in Dooagh and Pollagh, while the longer Fitsticks trail walk follows the old road to the Deserted Village at Slievemore. This trail is graded ‘moderate’ and the return walk covers a distance of 10km in total. There are a number of Fitsticks exercise stations along the way.

View / Download Slievemore Deserted Village Trail guide (PDF document)

Screenshot of Slievemore Deserted Village fitsticks walking exercise trail.

Slievemore Doogort Trail
This walk begins and ends at the Silver Strand beach car park in Dugort. It is graded ‘easy’ and covers a distance of 3km on a mixture of paved roads and laneways.

View / Download Slievemore Doogort Trail guide (PDF document)

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Screenshot of Slievemore Doogort fitsticks walking exercise trail at Dugort, Achill Island
Fitsticks exercise station at The Colony, Dugort, Achill Island