One of the Top Five Secret Destinations to see in Ireland in 2009

On 23rd January 2009, RTÉ’s afternoon television show Seoige featured a ‘Guide to Holidaying at Home’. Focusing on ‘staycations’, this featured an interview between presenter Grainne Seoige and travel guru Fionn Davenport. Fionn listed his top five secret destinations to see in Ireland in 2009. Among these ‘hidden gems’, as he called them, was Achill Island.

A Place Close To My Heart
Achill was introduced by Grainne Seoige as ‘a place close to your heart, and a place close to mine’. As Fionn recalled the childhood times he had spent with his cousins in Achill, Grainne revealed that she had actually lived in Achill and gone to school at Achill Sound. Fionn described Achill as an “absolutely amazing place” and Grainne agreed, adding “I would highly recommend Achill too”. A fuller transcript of the feature appears below:



Grainne: “Your fourth choice is a place close to your heart and close to mine too”.

Fionn: “Yes it is, now I had family who ’emigrated’ from the Dublin suburbs in the 70s to Achill Island, Co. Mayo. We used to go out there … absolutely amazing place”.

Fionn: “To me as a child, this was Ireland, this was traditional Ireland and I remember my cousins would come home from school and we’d go out and cut turf. I think Achill has still held on to that kind of traditional beauty”.

Grainne: “Well I have to say ‘hello’ to everyone in Achill Sound because I used to go to school there”.

Fionn: “Did you? We used to go to Bunnacurry”.

Grainne: “I lived in Achill for a few years, we went [to school] in Achill Sound, and Bunnacurry is absolutely beautiful. I would highly recommend Achill too”.