Dooagh Beach Disappears … Again

Dooagh Beach Disappears … Again

January 2019 – The sandy beach that reappeared at Dooagh Bay in 2017, sparking worldwide interest, has disappeared again following stormy weather. The ‘beach’ had been sand-free for 33 years, having disappeared in 1984, but came back in the spring of 2017. It is thought that the sand is lying offshore, awaiting the next freak weather pattern to bring it back onshore … though that could well take another 30 years or more.

As with the reappearance in 2017, the disappearance of the beach attracted widespread media interest, including the following:

Irish Times: Achill Island Beach That Reappeared in 2017 Disappears Again Beach on Achill Island disappears following storms

The Guardian: Coast to ghost: Irish beach vanishes after brief reappearance

Irish Examiner: Achill Island beach disappears again after storms

2017 video showing the newly appeared beach
Dooagh Beach minus sand, January 2019
Dooagh Beach with sand, May 2017