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Achill Seaweed Hot Tubs

Whiskey Barrel Seaweed Hot Tubs on the Beach

Achill Seaweed Hot Tubs offers a relaxing seaweed baths experience outdoors, overlooking Keel beach, in an aged oak whiskey barrel. Each barrel contains Atlantic seawater, heated to a comfortable temperature, with freshly harvested local seaweed. Sessions last 45 minutes and can be taken as either a one- or two-person seaweed bath.

We can facilitate groups and special occasions, including catering from our hospitality partners. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Achill Seaweed Hot Tubs is located overlooking Keel beach, between the Bervie and the beach. We can be reached on foot via the beach, or parking is available by following Bervie Road.

Address & Contacts


Keel Beach, Achill Island, Co. Mayo, Ireland


53.972344396513, -10.08449438766


Notice: If any information provided here is incorrect or out of date please contact us at Achill Tourism.