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Ar Bia Mara (Seafood Truck)

Seafood Truck in Keel.

Ár Bia Mara was set up by us as an idea to catch, cook and sell our own Irish fish. We run and operate an 20m Fishing Trawler, MFV Kristel Patrick which fishes white fish in the Irish sea and Atlantic Sea that we use for our fish dishes. We use our own Monkfish , haddock and our prawns which we use in our seafood platters. Locally in Achill Island, we fish our smaller 10m boat The Boy Grant, where we fish for Lobster, Which we use in our famous Lobster Rolls & crab claws which we use on our dishes. We love food and cooking our catering experience brings together our two loves, Irish & sustainable fishing to keep our industry alive, as well as collaborating with local seafood producers here in Achill whilst making our beautiful gormet dishes.

Seasonal May to September

Opening Hours
Thurs – Mon 1pm – 8pm
Sunday 1pm – 6pm

Address & Contacts


Keel, Achill Island, Ireland


53.975111432778, -10.08138826989

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