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Closhreid, Dookinella, Keel, Achill Island, Co. Mayo
53.98059673535, -10.035751994796
09843590 or 0872495175

Blackfield Surf School is offering a new learning opportunity for 2016 – coding camp!

Learn to code with us and become a creator – not a consumer!

We have an exciting new offer for 2016 – our computer coding camp for 8-14 year olds. Learn the principles of programming using the Scratch language, a visual language developed to introduce the ideas of computer coding to children.Widely used by educational establishments around the world, we will develop the understanding required to begin writing small scripts, games and apps.Using the coding methods learned with Scratch, we will begin to create simple control programs for hands-on experience about programming and robotics!

Coding camp will run from 2.30pm – 5.00pm Mon-Fri.