Achill Island – Archaeology, History, Folklore by Theresa McDonald


This 372 page book by Achill native and archaeologist Theresa McDonald provides an extensive and detailed account of Achill's history, archaeology and folklore since the neolithic age.


Written by Achill native and archaeologist Theresa McDonald, this 372 page book offers a detailed account of Achill’s history, archaeology and folklore from the neolithic period onwards. The 21 chapters include ‘The Ruling Families of Achill’, ‘Pre-Famine Achill’, ‘The Achill Mission’, ‘Famous Characters’ and ‘Folklore of Achill’ along with many other fascinating subjects. It includes black and white images and illustrations.

About the Author:

Theresa McDonald is a native of Achill Island. She studied archaeology at University College, Galway and at the Institute of Archaeology, University of London. Since 1987 she has directed the annual Achill Archaeological Summer (Field) School, and has been involved in a Researc Excavation at the Deserted Village in Slievemore.
Theresa McDonald is the author of Achill:5000 B.C. to 1900 A.D. (1992) and has contributed several articles to various Archaeology Journals.