Fifteen Ascending by Katrina Gallagher


Fifteen Ascending, a fantasy fiction novel by Katrina Gallagher.

From the back cover:

A powerful birthright secreted with lies and misdirection for the girl, a would-be Guardian. Bullied, insecure and unable to reconcile the powers growing inside her with the isolated and introverted life she leads, Brigid of Achill Island struggles socially and internally.

Raised by parents who tolerated her, loved by a grandmother who feathered a nest of lies to protect her. Fantasy and reality fuse as Brigid starts to discover the shocking truth about her past and future… The survival of humanity rests in the hands of a fifteen-year-old girl.

Cover of 'Fifteen Ascending' by Katrina Gallagher



A fantasy fiction novel by Katrina Gallagher.

This 210 page paperback edition was published in August 2018.

Book size: 15.2cm x 1.3cm x 22.9cm

Extract from Chapter Two:

“Roars of laughter rippled through the seats as she clutched the rail. Mounting one step, then two – the driver pulled away before she could find the third. Her face however found the pile of bags that formed a mountain to his hip.

His big fat belly controlled the wheel as she silently implored him for help – trapped, helpless and overthinking the whole situation. He raised her with a single hand.

Turning to face the narrow aisle, throat dry, her eyes searched for sanctuary. Sixty eyes were all firmly fixed on her as she wobbled into a seat. Her confidence lay on the first step of the bus, to be pounded daily for the foreseeable future.”