The Keelman’s Fortnight – Volume One


Debut novel from Achill Island writer and playright Adrian Lavelle. Published in April 2022, the story is set in Achill and is the first of a two part series.



Wesley Harding is a law student, studying in Galway City. He’s a loner, a misanthropist with grand ideals, who obsesses over his beautiful classmate, Myia Dawkins. When tragedy strikes, Wesley flees to Achill Island, where he joins the primal scream therapy commune, The House Of Novalis. It is here where Wesley flourishes, becoming their undisputed spiritual leader, his teachings causing The House Of Novalis to become an international sensation.

Detective Sergeant Jimmy Daniels is at the end of his rope. Based in Galway City, he’s been suspended for doing his job properly, now his superiors are using everything in their bureaucratic power to crush him. He contemplates whether he’s up to the job in these modern times. Has the criminal mind evolved? Or has cancel culture and the technological age gotten so ridiculous that he simply can’t do it anymore?

The first of a two part series, The Keelman’s Fortnight (Volume One), is an epic tale about obsession, voyeurism, loneliness and the bureaucracy, all the while seeking true happiness in one’s self, covering a wide variety of themes that include mental illness, drug abuse, addiction and the power of human relationships.

As the story evolves, Jimmy and Wesley’s paths become ever more intermingled. Coupled with a spree killer who stalks young female victims and a wide variety of colourful characters, this novel is a must read for fans of true crime and cultism.

About The Author

Adrian Lavelle is a writer/playwright who hails from the West Coast of Ireland. He is the proud author of three stage plays, ‘A Fig For A Kiss’, ‘Memento Morte,’ and ‘Godhead’. which have been staged on numerous occasions in Galway City and throughout the West of Ireland. ‘The Keelman’s Fortnight – (Volume One)’ is his first novel. He currently lives on Achill Island.