The Ordinary Miracle by Mark F. Chaddock


A collection of 60 poems by Achill-based writer Mark F. Chaddock. Paperback book, 78 pages.



Mark F. Chaddock grew up in Cheshire, England. In 1995 he emigrated to live on Achill Island in County Mayo, Ireland, close to his Grandmother’s farm. Eight years ago he began writing poetry on a regular basis.

He has published four small collections of poetry: We Are Islanders and Living On The Edge in 2002; To Walk Among Clouds and Pages Of My Life in 2003.

The Ordinary Miracle is the author’s first full collection, and the poems were written since 2003. The themes include – loss; memory; belonging; landscape; and nature.

As ‘slanting light fires the land/climbs the gable ends of cottages’ on a winter’s afternoon Mark F. Chaddock’s enthusiasm for the place he lives shines through, gently directing the reader to life’s ordinary miracles.


  • Hailing the Oystercatcher: Dooega, Achill
  • Elegy for the San Nicholas Prodanelli
  • Old Acquaintance, Cloghmore, Achill
  • Memories Mine and His
  • English Cousins
  • Volunteers?
  • Scything in 1980
  • Yesterday
  • What is Achill?
  • Pollarding Willows
  • River Cottage
  • Understanding
  • This Place: Ballycroy
  • Up To Belmullet
  • Winter Visitors: Ringed Plovers
  • Winter Birdwatching
  • I Wish
  • Taking A Stand
  • Peace
  • Light Through Water and Plastic
  • A Kind of Healing
  • The Invisible
  • My Father Is Dying
  • Larger Than Life
  • Caught
  • Life Journey
  • Losing It
  • The Moon Beckons
  • Transition
  • Belonging
  • Awareness
  • Fusion
  • The World through One Eye
  • The Devil’s Hoof Print
  • Communion
  • The Burden
  • Searching
  • Stones’s Whisper
  • Conundrum: Deserted village, Achill
  • An Irishman Saving Turf
  • April in Shraheens
  • Poem for Michael
  • Father and Sons
  • The New Micheal Davitt Bridge
  • A Talisman
  • 20 Minutes at Keel Strand
  • 20 Minuted at Golden Strand
  • Achill Sound
  • Kildavnet Pier, Achill
  • Reflections at Fifty-One
  • Polranny Hill
  • Notes Written in Spring
  • The Butterfly
  • Welcome to the Misty Isle
  • Sheep Fencing
  • The Lenten Rose: helleborus orientalis
  • A Second Look at The Lenten Rose
  • Narcissus
  • Small Tortoiseshell
  • The White Dress