Tonragee N.S. Centenary Book


224 pages of stories, photographs and articles to celebrate the centenary of Tonragee N.S. and its role at the heart of the community in Tonragee. This large (A4 size) magazine style book features an extensive range of materials, from old photographs to articles to stories and interviews with former pupils.

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Published in 2011 to mark the centenary of Tonragee National School, this 224 page book celebrates both the school and village life in Tonragee over the past century. This large (A4 size) book is packed with photographs, stories and articles and provides a wonderful documentary of the role the school has played at the heart of the community.

From the Principal’s message:
“This Centenary Book has been a labour of love, with hundreds of hours dedicated to its production, by a small voluntary group. […] We hope you enjoy the interesting mix of stories, poems, interviews, photos and so much more. All age groups are represented and we believe that it is a wonderful window on our village, a lasting legacy for future generations and a fitting tribute to our school and community …”

Contents Include:

  • Messages from: the President; Minister of Education; the Archbishop; the Principal; and Chairman’s Address
  • The Story of The Football
  • Tommy McGinty (Pilot)
  • Michael Cooney, Polranny (1900-1951)
  • Folklore
  • Inception to Present Day
  • Athletics
  • Tonragee Cleamairí (Strawboys)
  • Famine Walk
  • Tóin Ré Gaoith Summers
  • Patrick Sweeney & Thomas Sweeney
  • Maggie Ginger
  • Cois Tine
  • Mrs. Mary O’Connor Remembers
  • Nancy A. Corrigan – Model and Pilot
  • A School Trip 1976
  • Recollections of Paddy Lynchehaun
  • Tonragee Centenary Photographic Competition
  • Recollections of Mary Ann McGinty
  • Scaith Acla
  • School Memories of Neil Francis Lynch (RIP)
  • Fife and Drum Band 1932 – 1937
  • Iontaisí an tSaoil
  • School Population 1910 – 2011

Plus much, much more!