James Kilbane – Glory and Grace


Released in 2010, this CD of fifteen inspirational songs covered by Achill singer James Kilbane is rich in many all time Gospel favorites such as 'In The Garden' and 'Blessed Assurance' alongside several more recent Christian classics including as 'Because He Lives' and 'Holy is His Name'.


Glory and Grace is yet another winning album from James Kilbane. The Achill native has included a total of fifteen inspirational songs, rich in many all time Gospel favorites as In The Garden and Blessed Assurance alongside several more recent Christian classics as Because He Lives and Holy is His Name. All songs were chosen by James following his concert abroad and his work with different Christian traditions. The fifteen tracks included display once again a different musical direction for him. In Glory and Grace James combines the diverse genres of Country Gospel, Irish and Classical music. All are brought together by the influences of music producers who by their own life experiences and work have inspired James in creating his own musical paths. James also builds on the experience he has gained from his own previous album successes. Glory and Grace presents us with an outstanding album that many will listen to more than once and will be a cherished work for a long time to come. Glory and Grace will be on release nationwide and available here direct from the Achill Tourism Web site shop.


  1. Because He lives
  2. Make me a channel of Your peace
  3. Holy is His name
  4. I watch the sunrise
  5. Blessed Assurance
  6. Love is His word, love is His way
  7. When creation was begun
  8. There is a place. (A time to remember)
  9. Tis’ so sweet to trust in Jesus
  10. Lady of Knock
  11. Turn your eyes upon Jesus
  12. O the love of my Lord is the essence
  13. Abide with me
  14. In the garden
  15. Lord of all hopefulness, Lord of all joy