James Kilbane – Songs of Ireland


A CD collection of easy listening traditional Irish songs performed by Achill singer James Kilbane. Track list includes such classics as 'Danny Boy', 'When You Were Sweet Sixteen' and 'The Rose Of Tralee' as well as the ballads 'The Homes Of Donegal' and 'The Wild Colonial Boy'. Special mention must go to the track 'Lovely Achill Island'.

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Published in 2008, ‘Songs of Ireland’ is the sixth album from Achill singer James Kilbane. Following on from his successful gospel album ‘Heart to Heart’, ‘Songs of Ireland’ returns to James’s homeland and culture with an easy listening collection of classic Irish songs along with some personal favourites of the singer. The album includes such traditional Irish songs as ‘Danny Boy’, ‘When You Were Sweet Sixteen’ and ‘The Rose Of Tralee’ as well as Irish ballads including ‘The Homes Of Donegal’ and ‘The Wild Colonial Boy’. One very special song for anyone who has visited Achill is James’s rendition of ‘Lovely Achill Island’. Scroll down for full tracking listings, or click on the Add to Cart link below to purchase this CD.

Track Listing:

  • Moonlight in Mayo
  • Will You Go Lassie Go
  • Danny Boy
  • The Homes of Donegal
  • When You Were Sweet Sixteen
  • Grace
  • Bunch of Thyme
  • The Wild Colonial Boy
  • Maggie
  • Lovely Achill Island
  • The Rose of Tralee