Achill Seaweed Baths Gift Voucher (2 People)


Gift voucher for a two-person session at Achill Seaweed Baths located at River, Keel, Achill Island. Reconnect with nature and relax in seaweed baths using locally-sourced, hand-harvest seaweeds.

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Join us at Achill Seaweed Baths, where you can reconnect with nature and relax in our seaweed baths. Using locally sourced hand harvested seaweeds we look forward to giving you an experience which is relaxing, revitalising and replenishing.

Not only are Seaweed Baths renowned for their moisturising and detoxification qualities but also are a great therapeutic treatment, historically used throughout the country to ward off cold and flus during the winter. The seaweed concentrates the anti-oxidants, natural minerals, essential oils and vitamins found in our ocean. All this is then released into your seaweed bath.

The seaweed is steamed prior to immersion to aid the release of compounds. Then it is soaked in a very hot bath so the goodness is concentrating in the water even before you arrive at Mari’s little bath house.

Achill Seaweed Baths are located at Mulhollow B&B, River, Keel. Tel. 087 717 1713 to make an appointment.