Bullsmouth N.S. Centenary Book


240 pages of stories, photographs and articles to celebrate the centenary of Bullsmouth N.S. and its role at the heart of the community in Dooniver and Askill. This large (A4 size) magazine style book features an extensive range of materials, from old photographs to roll books from 1910 and 1920 and interviews with former pupils.

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Published in 2010 to mark the centenary of Bullsmouth National School, this 240 page book celebrates both the school and village life in Dooniver and Askill over the past century. This large (A4 size) book is packed with photographs, stories and articles and provides a wonderful documentary of the role the school has played at the heart of the community.

From the Principal’s message:
“One hundred years is a long time in the life of any school and it would be impossible to record the entire story. I feel that the various selections of memories in this book going back over the previous decades have succeeded in capturing the flavour of times past in the history of the school and the life of the local community.”

Index of Contents:

  • Anniversary Messages
  • Change in Dooniver … Past … Future
  • The Story of the Dooniver Strawboys
  • Buíon Mná Dhún Ibhir
  • Ógras Saoirse
  • Our First Confession
  • Remembrance of Things Past
  • I came with the Pope
  • A Hundred Years No Less
  • Keels Sports Day
  • The Beautiful Parish of Achill
  • My Memories of Dooniver
  • Nightfall
  • Bóithrín na Smaointe
  • Happy School Days
  • Letter to the Children
  • Tom Morley Remembers
  • Dooniver School Memories
  • Dooniver Band
  • Carol Singing
  • Song of Bullsmouth
  • Grandparents’ Day at Bullsmouth School
  • The land down under or the island on the Atlantic shore?
  • Féile Scoil Drámaíocht
  • Childrens’ Corner
  • Our Oldest Records
  • The Roll Book of 1910
  • The Roll Book of 1920
  • Sunny Days
  • Teacher in-service day
  • The Journey to Bevel Land
  • A Few Halcyon Years
  • The Opening of our Seomra Pobail at Bullsmouth School
  • Sciath Daimhnait
  • National School Folklore Collection 1937 – 1938
  • Looking Back at Currane and Dooniver
  • A Day at School 1953/54
  • Schooldays
  • A Generous Donor
  • Designing the School Crest
  • Confirmation with a Difference for the 5th and 6th Classes of 1979
  • Máire Mhór and her 500 Children
  • Memories of my Schooldays
  • Bonds of Friendship
  • Memories of Bullsmouth N.S.
  • Happy in Achill and Bullsmouth
  • The Story of Dooniver / Askill
  • Group Water Scheme
  • Dooniver and the 1911 Census of All-Ireland
  • Mo Chéad Lá ar Scoil
  • First Holy Communion
  • The Revival of the School Band
  • Our Wembley Stadium
  • What Do You Remember Most?
  • They Pulled the Hoylake Police in 1949
  • Logainmeacha na h-áite
  • My Family Tree
  • Ancient Texts, Mythology and Topography
  • Open Amateur Centenary Photographic Competition
  • Achill … our Lanzarote in the West
  • Five Generations at Bullsmouth School
  • Gardening
  • From Opening Gambits to Obituaries
  • Tommy Cafferkey
  • Cúlra agus Dúlra
  • Bullsmouth National School – 100 years of learning
  • Breaking News in 1910?
  • The Schoolyard
  • Going Home
  • My Shopping List of Memories
  • A Special Memory
  • Johnny Scott (1933-1988)
  • Grealis Darts Champion in 1953
  • Hard Times but the Best of Times
  • Dooniver National School and its contribution to the success of Football
  • Liber Visitationis Scholarum
  • Rëaltin Mc Hugh and Maria Mc Nulty bringing Bullsmouth N.S. forward to the next century
  • The Story of the First School at Bullsmouth
  • The School Around the Corner
  • Grealis Family
  • An Máistir – Pat Conway
  • Principal Teachers in Bullsmouth School over the past 100 years
  • A message from John McNulty
  • Ar Bhóithrín na Smaointe
  • Patrick Conway, N.T. B.A. H.Dip in Educ.
  • John Connellan
  • Touched by an Angel
  • Our Sponsors
  • A Final Word and a Thought for Life